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Amended 11th March 2024



a. All matches to be one round of eighteen holes, four-ball better ball, played off handicap by a team of 14 players (7 pairs), each Club to play each other home and away. These matches will start at 11.00am where possible, or at a time agreed by both teams.

b. All fixtures on Matchday 10 will commence at 11.00am.

c. Each match will score one point, with a half a point each for halved matches.

d. In the event of more than one team finishing with an equal number of points, the team with the highest number of away points shall be the winners of the League.

e. Should more than one team have won an equal number of away points, there shall be a play-off under the above conditions at a mutually agreed neutral course.

f. Should the playoff result in an equal number of matches, the 7th pair in each team shall determine the winners by a sudden-death play-off.

g. Players representing their clubs shall be of Amateur status as defined by the Royal and Ancient Club of St Andrews. Players shall only be eligible to represent their Home Club and shall only represent one club in the year of that competition.

h. It shall be the responsibility of both Clubs to report the results to the Secretary of the League via the league captains WhatsApp group by 7p.m. on the same day as the match.

i. No caddies will be allowed. A buggy can only be used for medical reasons and prior approval must be given by the opposing team captain or the League Chairman / Secretary.

j. It is the responsibility of all team Captains to ensure that their team is made aware of the tee time, dress codes on the course and in the clubhouse, especially when visiting other clubs.

k. Home clubs are to provide the use of at least 1 buggy free of charge to the opposing team (if the home club utilises buggies on its course and conditions of the course permit) subject to availability.

l. Ready golf to be adopted during league matches.

m. A match fee of £140 per club shall be paid to the host club on the day of the fixture.



a. If, due to extreme circumstances (weather), a match cannot be played on the home team's course on the date stated, the fixture has to be rearranged, or played on a neutral course to suit both clubs as soon as possible but must be played before the last
scheduled match. A rearranged date should be at the weekend unless both clubs agree an alternative and the new date must be notified to the league secretary.

b. Unless due to exceptional circumstances (weather) and permission sought from the SDL Secretary, then all matches will be played on the dates stated in the fixture list. Ifthe previous criteria is not met, and a match is not played, two points will be awarded to each side.



a. The maximum handicap index is 11.3

b. Players of a higher handicap index may play off of the maximum handicap index as
show in point 3.a above.

c. All competing golfers must hold a current competitive handicap. The league defines this as a golfer with at least five qualifying scores from qualifying competitions in their WHS record which have been recorded in the 12 months leading up to the match date.

d. Order of play on the 1st tee will be high to low in combined playing handicap order – if agreed between captains on the day, individual match order can be amended to accommodate personal circumstance.

e. The maximum difference in Course Handicap (decimalised to 2) between playing partners shall be 5.

f. Normal R&A rules for calculation of handicaps/shots are to be used. g. A breach of league rules, intentionally or unintentionally, will result in the “guilty pair” losing their match. Any other pairs affected by this action will be deemed to be halved unless they are won by the non-offending team.



a. Up to two junior members (less than 16 years of age on the 1st January of the year in which the competition is played) are eligible to play.

b. Juniors cannot be paired together.

c. Home clubs are responsible to ensure the welfare of juniors (defined as being under the age of 18 on or before the 1st January in the current league year) is maintained in accordance with its own welfare policy as provided by England Golf.

d. Any team selecting Junior members, must make the opposing team captain aware ahead of the fixture taking place.

e. Adults interacting with children/young people in sport are in a position of trust and influence and should always ensure that children are treated with integrity and respect and that their self-esteem is enhanced. All adult sections in sport should be guided by what is best for the child/young person and carried out in the context of respectful and open relationships. Verbal, physical, emotional, racial or sexual abuse of any kind or threat of such abuse is totally unacceptable within sport, as in society in general.


Adults working with children/young people have a responsibility to protect them. All contact with juniors must remain proper and professional.


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