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Game Day 1

13th April

Teignmouth 4.5 Churston 2.5

Warren 3 Stover 4

Dainton P Torquay P


Game Day 2

4th May

Stover 4.5 Dainton 2.5

Churston 6 Warren 1

Torquay 4 Teignmouth 3


Game Day 3

11th May

Stover 4.5 Churston 2.5

Warren 4 Torquay 3

Dainton 5 Teignmouth 2


Game Day 4

1st June

Torquay 3.5 Stover 3.5

Teignmouth 3.5 Warren 3.5

Churston 5.5 Dainton 1.5


Game Day 5

15th June

Torquay v Churston

Warren v Dainton

Stover v Teignmouth


Game Day 6

29th June

Teignmouth v Stover

Dainton v Warren

Churston v Torquay


Game Day 7

13th July

Stover v Torquay

Dainton v Churston

Warren v Teignmouth


Game Day 8

27th July

Churston v Stover

Torquay v Warren

Teignmouth v Dainton


Game Day 9

31st August

Dainton v Stover

Warren v Churston

Teignmouth v Torquay


Game Day 10

(all matches to tee off @ 11:00am)

7th September

Churston v Teignmouth

Stover v Warren

Torquay v Dainton


Torbay Cup @ Stover GC 3rd/4th August

Presentation Day @ Stover GC 28th September

B Team Matches reverse of SDL fixtures except

Teignmouth v Dainton 3rd August

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