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Revised 25th February 2024.

1. All matches to be one round of eighteen holes, four-ball better ball, played off handicap by a team of 14 players (7 pairs) playing for 1 point per pairing. Each Club to play each other home and away with the home team stating the start time.

2. HANDICAP INDEX limit shall be 28 and below, but players of a higher HANDICAP INDEX may play off 28. Competitive handicaps only. The maximum difference in COURSE HANDICAP between playing partners of the same pairing shall be 10, captains to go out 1st with the rest of the pairings to going out in handicap order from high to low. Each pairing will play 90% of course H/cap. There shall be no limit on junior competitors but they must not be paired together. Ladies may be included in the teams as required.

3. A player who has previously played 5 or more matches in the current season for their A team will be ineligible to play in any further B team fixtures for that season. This is to prevent teams loading A team players into the final B team games of the season to manipulate results.

4. If, due to extreme circumstances (weather), a match cannot be played on the home team's course on the date stated, the fixture has to be rearranged, or played on a neutral course to suit both clubs as soon as possible but must be played before the last scheduled match. A rearranged date should be at the weekend unless both clubs agree an alternative and the new date must be notified to the league secretary. If the previous criteria is not met, and a match is not played, two points will be awarded to each side. 

5. Each match will score one point, with a half a point each for halved matches. In the event of more than one team finishing with an equal number of points, the team with the highest number of away points shall be the winners of the League. Should more than one team have won an equal number of away points the result shall be shared 1st place. 

6. Players representing their clubs shall be of Amateur status as defined by the Royal and Ancient Club of St Andrews. Players shall only be eligible to represent their Home Club and shall only represent one club in the year of that competition. 

7. It shall be the responsibility of both Clubs to report (preferably by Whats app or by tel or email) the results to the Secretary of the League 

8. No caddies will be allowed. Buggies are permitted.

9. A £10.00 match fee will be put on each player and the home and away team will give the caterers £280 for each match (£140 each team). 

10. It is the responsibility of all team Captains to ensure that their team is made aware of the tee time, dress codes on the course and in the clubhouse, especially when visiting other clubs. 

Slow Play
In an attempt to curb slow play. ‘Ready Golf’ will be introduced in the 2019 season. ‘Ready Golf’. When a player arrives at his ball and the green or fairway is clear and it is safe to play, he will be entitled to play, even if he is closer to the hole than his opponent or partner. No penalty will be enforced as long as no other player is ready to play. 
A player would be ‘ready to play’ when he is next to his ball with club in hand; simply standing next to the ball would not be deemed to be ‘ready’. 

Ready golf only applies on the fairway, normal ‘honour’ will take place on the tee and greens.

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